Merchant Cash Advance

Get Over Your Temporary Hump With a Merchant Cash Advance

Large financial institutions turn down small business loans. There is no stake in lending lesser amounts to mom-and-pop shops. Apollo Commercial fills that funding void, and one way we do so is through a merchant cash advance.

Alternate Financing

If you accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa, you may apply for alternate financing through Apollo Commercial. If approved, you will receive your cash in as little as seven days.

Why an Advance Makes Sense

Your credit is not taken into account. You may still receive a merchant case advance even if your credit is less than stellar and/or you’ve had previous loan applications rejected.

Advantages of This Alternate Financing Method

When you take out an MCA through Apollo Commercial, you

  • Can spend the money on advertising, equipment, expansion, inventory, supplies or anything else
  • Are not required to fill out an extensive loan application and submit financials
  • Are not required to present collateral to back up the monies

In addition, paying back your MCA is easy and flexible. A set percentage of your merchant sales are paid to Apollo Commercial daily. On a slow day, you pay less; on a profitable day, you pay more.

Secure Operating Capital Quickly

Apollo Commercial is happy to review your application for a merchant cash advance. It doesn’t matter why you need the cash. Contact us today to discuss this alternate financing option with one of our representatives.