Healthcare Financing

Secure Operating Capital Through Healthcare Financing

A medical practice is still a business. You need working capital just as any other business does. We here at Apollo Commercial offer healthcare financing options to meet your operating cash flow needs.

Whom We Fund

We work with just about anyone in healthcare. It doesn’t matter if you are a chiropractor, dentist, veterinarian or other specialist. You deserve financing.

What We Fund

We understand that you may want to boost your cash flow for a variety of reasons. In some cases, your working capital is temporarily short. In other cases, you may look to fund

  • Facility expansion or additional practice acquisition
  • Facility improvement or renovation
  • Medical equipment financing to lease or purchase updated technology

We also offer healthcare financing to consolidate existing debt. Combine your expenses into one monthly payment to reduce your accounts payables and lower your interest rate.

Our Terms

We ask you complete an application only for loans up to $75,000 and provide your financials for additional financing up to $250,000. Our loans

  • Do not require upfront payments
  • Do not report to personal credit bureaus
  • Have term maximums of 72 months
  • Are approved in as quickly as 24 hours for debt consolidation
  • Finance up to 50 percent of equipment soft costs

Secure healthcare financing for your practice. Contact us today at Apollo Commercial to speak with a representative.