Accounts Receivable

A New and Reliable Way to Grow Your Company

In need of a new way to boost your business capabilities? Apollo Commercial is here to introduce you to the wonders of accounts receivable. What’s so great about this specific program is it’s the ideal choice for a variety of businesses, including those that are losing money, those just getting off the ground and even those that have filed for bankruptcy. Now you’ll have quick and easy access to an unlimited source of liquid capital.

Everyone Benefits

One of the absolute best things about financing receivables is you aren’t taking on a debt. Specifically, this type of financing is ideal for companies that allow customers to pay for services or products in as many as 90 days. A few features of accounts receivable include:

  • Rather than basing financing on your credit, it’s instead determined by your customers’.
  • You can receive cash in as few as 24 hours.
  • Your business will have the liquid capital on hand to take care of any sudden or large orders you might receive.
  • There are no fixed payments or guarantees to contend with.
  • As your receivables and sales get a boost, so too will your funding.
  • Any type of business qualifies for this type of commercial financing.

Let us know if you’re ready for financing receivables. Your business is sure to thank you once you take advantage of this golden opportunity.