5 Essential Apps for Small Business Entrepreneurs

No matter which field you’ve chosen, if you are a small business entrepreneur then you can benefit from having a few good apps in your pocket. One app has the ability to help you get organized, which helps every day feel more successful and productive. These are a few that can be especially helpful. 


One of the most important tasks for an entrepreneur is making human connections. If you are going to run a successful small business, you are going to have to find relevant clients and like-minded colleagues. One way to organize all of your social interactions is with the Humin app. When you enter a new contact’s phone number, it will automatically devise a list of your mutual contacts so you can efficiently discover one another’s relevancy to your professional life. It also logs information about when and where you met a person, so it will be easier to search for them in the future if you have trouble recalling their name.

Blue Jeans

The Blue Jeans app makes collaboration with your team quick and easy by providing you with a reliable platform to hold video and audio conferences. With the free service, you can host meetings for up to 25 people. The visual layout of the conference is fully customizable to suit your preferences. To host a meeting, you must have a BlueJeans account, but your colleagues don’t have to be members to attend meetings, making this a very versatile app.


Pocket is an app that allows you to save videos, articles, and other online content for future viewing in one organized list. Once an item has been saved to your list, you can access it offline in the future. This app is especially ideal for business entrepreneurs who commute to work using public transportation that doesn’t offer wi-fi.


DropBox is a secure app that will store all of your small business’ online information, including photos, documents, and videos. By storing all of your essential information online, you will be able to access it from any device anytime, even when you don’t have access to your own phone or computer. Large files that are stored can be shared without having to send giant e-mail attachments.


Trello is the modern way to organize all of your tasks, both personal and professional, in one free platform. You create different boards for each of your projects and then invite relevant participants to join in the planning. There are several organizational options, including to-do checklists, workflow patterns, delegation charts, and comment boards. Trello is visually simplistic, but it is capable of storing a great deal of information and helping you to accomplish a wide variety of tasks.

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